New Teeth in a Day: A Game-Changer in Modern Dentistry

new teeth in a day

New teeth in a day refers to the exceptional dental technology that allows for the immediate placement of the prosthesis. This amazing possibility of acquiring a new, artificial (but temporary) implant means that the patient will no longer have to suffer further the problems associated with edentulism (missing teeth), such as ‘sagging’ of the facial structure, issues with chewing and speaking, and many more.

This blog will discuss the technology that facilitates new teeth in a day – one that has proved to be a revolution in dental implants. We’ll describe the treatment and discuss the benefits and considerations. 

Understanding New Teeth In A Day

As the term ‘new teeth in a day’ implies, it really has become possible to walk into a dentist’s office and go home with a brand new tooth or arch of teeth due to the advancements in diagnostic technology. The new prosthesis will be a dental implant and will make use of tiny implant fixtures or posts that are drilled into the jawbone with the use of specialized drills. 

These implants are made of biocompatible titanium and will need to undergo an astounding biological process known as osseointegration. In this process, the prosthesis forms a structural bond on a deep cellular level and only after this period ends will the temporary prosthesis be removed and the final, permanent one placed. 

The Process

The process starts with a consultation and evaluation period where the dentist will decide whether you fit the criteria of teeth-in-a-day implants by taking a detailed history of your general and oral health. After the consultation period, if you are found to be suitable, you will go through a scanning and diagnostic period where your scans and impressions will be taken. The impressions will help the dentist decide the placement and angling of the implants during the surgery and post-surgery, you will go through a period of healing and osseointegration, which will prepare you for the final placement.

How Is It Possible To Get New Teeth In A Day

This new revolution in dental implants is possible for many reasons, mainly due to upgrades in scanning technology. The risk of implant failure is the lowest it has ever been, as studies consistently report a success rate of 90-95%. X-ray and CBCT scans and their relevant computer modeling software are seeing upgrades faster and more accurately than ever. The risk of the occurrence of human error is drastically reduced, and dentists are exceedingly confident that they can place implants in just a day due to this level of accuracy.


Dr. Paulo Malo pioneered the ‘teeth-in-a-day’ technique in the late 1990s, also known as the one who created the All-on-4 technique, a treatment where a prosthesis derives its foundational strength from four implants drilled into the jawbone. The breakthrough moment was the combination of immediate implant placement with immediate loading, which allowed for the attachment of a temporary prosthesis on the same day of the surgery.

Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day

The patients of Teeth-in-a-Day can experience a number of benefits, both functional and aesthetic. We have listed some of them in this section.

Immediate Placement

The most significant and game-changing benefit of teeth-in-a-day implants is the possibility of having the implants placed inside the mouth during one single visit to the doctor. This can save a tremendous amount of time for both the patient and the dentist and eliminate the need for frequent dentist visits.

Bone-Loss Prevention and Stimulation

Edentulous patients suffer from a lack of stimulation in the tooth sockets where the tooth is missing or damaged due to trauma or aging. This lack makes the tooth socket shrink and lowers the density of the bone in that area. Getting dental implants placed can restore the stimulation and prevent any further bone loss from occurring.

Perfectly Match Your Natural Teeth

The newly placed dental implants have undergone a lengthy process consisting of a team of professional technicians who have worked hard to make the artificial tooth resemble exactly the contours, colors, and shapes of your natural permanent teeth. Due to this level of attention, the implants will appear like your natural teeth, and only upon further examination will a difference be visible.

Unrivaled Stability

The new, teeth-in-a-day dental implants offer a much-needed upgrade to traditional dental restoration methods, which would require applying uncomfortable adhesives or relying solely on suction. Traditional prosthetic solutions would slip and slide in the mouth and would face severe wear and tear due to the forces of biting and chewing. These methods have now been replaced by newer, more advanced dental implants that offer much less discomfort and provide a level of stability and security that has gone unmatched.


Although this technology is far superior to any of the alternatives being offered in clinics today, every patient should consider a couple of things when opting for it. 

Dentist’s Experience and Credentials: An important factor to consider when opting for this treatment is to only have it placed by a dentist who is highly experienced and practices extensively in these types of treatments. This procedure depends heavily on the skilled hand of the surgeon, and the credentials of the one performing the surgery must always be confirmed beforehand.

Lifestyle Factors: Factors such as smoking, a consistent diet of hard, sugary food, and lack of self-care (brushing, flossing) can severely impact the chances of this treatment’s future success. Therefore, these must be taken care of before opting for dental implants.

Cost and Insurance: Teeth-in-a-day implant treatment can be costly, and you should discuss the particulars of the procedure and materials with the dentist before you make a decision. 


This blog discussed the Teeth-in-a-day technology, also known as ‘immediate placement.’ We discussed its inception and description, as well as the benefits of such a remarkable technology. In the end, we provided some considerations that the patient should know about this treatment as well.

If you require a more individualized and comprehensive evaluation of your case, it’ll greatly benefit you to contact our staff of highly experienced and skilled dental professionals. They will thoroughly guide you through each step of the process. Feel free to visit us at the OC Smile Clinic, a premier clinic located in Tustin, California, or call us to book a consultation. Schedule one today to revitalize your oral health journey!

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